What treatment options are there and which is the right one for me?

This question is on the minds of everyone who is diagnosed with cancer.

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83% of people diagnosed with cancer want a second opinion from a specialist

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52% of patients feel more confident after getting a second opinion

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45% of patients change their decision of the treatment path after a second opinion

Offer A

Follow-Up Monitoring

Get your personal consulting on cancer disease of any kind.

  • Professional and experienced guidance of a cancer patient through all stages of diagnosis, treatment & after-care
  • Explanation of technical terms, diagnostic procedures and treatments
  • Psychological support in coping with the disease
  • Application of the latest findings in cancer research
Offer B

Second Opinion

We find the specialist for a second opinion for your cancer type.

  • Selection from network of research institution, university hospitals and practicing specialists
  • Reviewing and recommending action of cancer treatment & diagnosis
  • Optimization of the chances of cancer cure
  • Assurance and safeguarding of a therapy decision
  • via phone or video conference, onsite-meeting

We accompany and advise you with your cancer diagnose


Depending on the type and stage of cancer, the question of the right treatment is not easy to answer. Our medicine expert provides you with professional and personal support on your way. We explain technical terms, refer you to medical specialists and follow up if there are uncertainties about diagnosis and treatment. We are at your side with our close and personal consultation. Our expertise comes from several years of intensive collaboration with cancer patients, as well as some of our leading involvement in the most innovative treatments for cancer in nuclear medicine.

Benefit from our international network of cancer specialists

Medical Network

Every year, new, more effective drugs are discovered and therapy recommendations are revised. Whereas 50 years ago the diagnosis of cancer was in most cases fatal, today more than 50% of all patients can be permanently cured. The second opinion offers the possibility to check the existing diagnosis and therapy suggestions by the most current knowledge from all neighboring disciplines of the illness and to change if necessary to your advantage: for greatest possible healing chances with all forms of cancer. Through optimal therapy, numerous types of cancer that were once considered incurable can now be successfully treated.

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