We offer our service for partners of industry, hospitals & research institutions.

Leading Edge diagnostic & treatment options for various cancers are developed with our research and application experts. Confirmed by a large number of publications and the subsequent introduction of newly developed treatment options in nuclear medicine on patients, we offer our expertise & knowledge to our partners. We advise, research and are available to answer your questions about nuclear medicine treatment. Our service is divided into 3 pillars:

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Dosimetry for nuclear medicine

Dosimetry is indispensable for treatments with radioactive material. The individual calculation of the patient's body values greatly increases the quality, safety and success of the treatment.

  • Dosimetry for 177Lu
  • Dosimetry for 90Y
  • Dosimetry for 225Ac
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Education of staff

The field of nuclear medicine is still young. We support the training of specialists.

  • Training of personnel in diagnostic imaging for dosimetry
  • Training of personnel in the correct handling of radioactive material
  • Introduction to regulations & best practice of nuclear medicine
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Consulting & Research in Nuclear Medicine

Cooperations are the key to success. We bring our knowledge and network to your project.

  • Partner in projects related to nuclear medicine in industry & research
  • Support for the introduction of nuclear treatments in hospitals
  • Creation of diagnostic & treatment routines for nuclear medicine fitting for your needs

Our company structure is focused on efficiency, which allows us to work quickly and on-point in cooperation with you.

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